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Flight Training


Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC)

Course Content

The content of the MCC course will cover theoretical knowledge training, practice and feedback in:

  • Communication

  • Leadership and teamworking

  • Situation awareness

  • Workload management

  • Problem-solving and decision-making

  • Monitoring and cross-checking

  • Task sharing

  • Use of checklists

  • Flight management

  • FMS use

  • Environment, weather and ATC

  • Systems normal, abnormal and emergency operations


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Arline Interview Prep


Course Content

Get ahead of the competition, with comprehensive interview

coaching and full Arline simulator assessment training at US Simulation.

  • Airline Specific Interview Sim Prep

  • Instructor led system review

  • Simulator familiarization

  • Simulator maneuver refresher

  • Simulator profile practice

Instrument Current & Rating

  • Maintaining currency and practice instrument approaches at you destination airports 

  • Hours of instrument experience holding procedures six instruments approaches

  • Unusual attitude recoveries while in a descending, Vne airspeed condition and unusual attitude recoveries in a ascending stall speed condition interception and course tracking with navigation systems 

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